Workshop with Objects

Plastic bags

The students will work with a plastic bag and will experience the quality of balance and how to achieve it. They will work in groups of 2 and will practice on how to lead and be lead, on how not to control and how to trust, to follow, to separate, to connect, to concentrate, meditate, dare, play, to accept failure, to fly and fall like a plastic bag…

Elastic threads

The students will look for and discover the magic lines that exist around their bodies. They will be able to expand and contract, vibrate and cooperate with each other both as individuals and as a group.

Gymnastic bands

The students will observe all the energies that surround their bodies and will learn how to see, create and use both vibrations and electricity that surround them.

Voice gibberish

The students will experiment using their voices along with movements. They will create a new language without being one. They will learn where do their voices come from, which muscle produces each sound. They will learn about the relationship between movement and voice. They will experiment with the alphabet vowels and learn to use them in order to speak spontaneously.


The students will learn how to personify another character and become somebody else using humor. They will experience how good it feels to be funny and will learn not to take themselves seriously all the time. They will surprise both themselves and their surroundings, they will laugh …

Light and shadow

 “What people call the body’s shadow is but the body of our soul”- Oscar Wilde

 The world of light and shadow is a world of dreams and illusions, an unreal world full of charm and mystery. It is a world of feelings, emotions and illusions, not a world dictated by our brain.

While working with shadows you learn to trust and work more with your intuition, you learn to go blindly after your work and ideas.

While working with light and shadow you develop your ability to take chances in your dancing, to discover other worlds. You learn to trust the unknown, witches and other strange and awkward creatures.

Besides entering a mystical world, our dance with shadows enables us to enrich our movements by finding new shapes and forms to express our body and soul. The shadow extends, shortens, narrows, turns, lifts, shakes, drops and flattens our body. It is done outside of our material body, which is a very special event. We can multiply ourselves and give birth to many partners that look like us but become different. We can dance with them a completely different dance, we can change our body image and find new ways that are mysterious, interesting, absurd, funny and even naughty.

Working with object is similar to contact improvisation.  In the future it will be possible to pursue our research and work with light and shadow, video, sticks, objects such as a shoe, a hat, a dress, a cigarette and natural objects such as water, wood, wind, etc.