Repertory & Choreography

1977 The Dybbuk, Choreography: Rina Yerushalmi, leading role -Lea

1976 Poem, Choreography: Anna Sokolov, a duet, the Woman

1976 Echoes of a Night Sky, Choreography: Christopher Bruce,  leading role

1976 Album Leaves, Choreography: Donald McKayle,  leading role

1976 Fiery Chariots, Choreography: Gene Hill Sagan,  leading role

1975 Monodrama, Choreography: Mirali Sharon,  solo

1975 The Burning Ground, Choreography: Gene Hill Sagan,  leading role

1975 Treck, Choreography: Norman Morrice,  leading role

1974 Eclipse, Choreography: Robert Cohan, a duet, the Woman

1974 Elegies, Choreography: Rina Schenfeld

1973 In Memory of No. 52436, Choreography: Anna Sokolow,  solo

1973 Corners, Choreography: Rina Schenfeld, a duet, the Woman

1972 After Eden, Choreography: John Butler,  duet, Eve

1972 Full Moon, Choreography: John Butler,  leading role

1972 Lyric Episodes, Choreography: Mirali Sharon,  leading role

1971 Voices from a Far Place, Choreography: Brian McDonald, the Woman

1971 Transitions, Choreography: Mirali Sharon, the Woman

1971 Ami-Yam, Ami-Ya’ar, Choreography: John Cranko, the Muse

1970 Percussion Concerto, Choreography: Norman Morrice,  leading role

1969 Sin Lieth at the Door, Choreography: Moshe Efrati, the Woman

1969 Moves, Choreography: Jerome Robbins, leading role

1969 Niether Rest Nor Harbor, Choreography: Sophie Maslow, Lea

1968 The Road of the Phoebe Snow, Choreography: Talley Beatty,  leading role

1968 Come and get the Beauty of it While it’s Hot, Choreography: Talley Beatty,  leading role

1967 Blind Man’s Buff, Choreography: Rina Schenfeld

1967 Voices of Fire, Choreography: Pearl Lang, Yael

1966 Side Show, Choreography: Norman Morrice,  Praying Mantis

1966 Psalms, Choreography: Glen Tetley,  leading role

1966 Cave of the Heart, Choreography: Martha Graham, the chorus

1965 Diversion of Angels, Choreography: Martha Graham, The Woman in Red

1965 The Mythical Hunters, Choreography: Glen Tetley,  leading role

1965 Embattled Garden, Choreography: Martha Graham, Lilith

1965 Jepthah’s Daughter, Choreography: Rina Schenfeld ,duet, Jepthah’s daughter

1965 Saraband (from “Dark Meadow”), Choreography: Martha Graham

1964 The Pass, Choreography: Robert Cohan, the Sphinx

1964 Errand into the Maze, Choreography: Martha Graham, Ariadna

1964 Herodiade, Choreography: Martha Graham,  duet, Herodiade

1964 Learning Process, Choreography: Martha Graham, Helen of Troy

1964 Celebrants, Choreography: Robert Cohan, leading role