2014–    Two dance studios, one named after Pina Bausch and the other after Rina Schenfeld were inaugurated at the Bye-Bye Dance Company & School in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2010–    E.M.I. Award (Israeli Artists’ Organization) for her artistic and cultural activity

Honoris Causa Doctorate from Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel

2007–   A Hug of Peace Award – Altro Passo Festival (Nardo) & Negro Amaro Festival (Lecce region), Italy

2004–   Life Work Award – the Holon Municipality, Israel

2003-    Buchman Heyman Foundation Prize

EMET Prize for a way of life and fulfillment of human potential as essential to creating a better world for future generations.

2002-   The Landau Award

2001–    The Israel State Lottery Award

2000–   The Israeli Festival Award

1997–     The Creation Award on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports

1994–    Naamat Oscar for a life work in the dance field

1982–    The David Harp Award for Seas and Other Shores

1980–    The David Harp Award for “Tins, Sticks and Balloons”

1979–     The David Harp Award for “Threads”

1971–     The Golden Star Award, Paris, France

1960–    The Young Choreographer Award, USA